Electives MBA Specializations India Table


MBA specializations There are many MBA Specialization Colleges in India which students opted as per their choice and demand in May I Help u 9811004275

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MBA Specialization

Electives MBA Specializations India

MBA specializations
MBA specializations

MBA specializations

There are many MBA Specialization Colleges in India which students opted as per their choice and demand in the 2nd Year in the Third & Fourth Semester (Major & Minor). Choosing the right MBA specializations is toughest job among the students. There are many Different specialization what students have option to opt for during the MBA Programme even decides the fate of the students in the corporate world.Choosing the Right Specializations MBA Electives as per the educational background, students interests and corporate Job requirements usually helps a student in fetching a good job of good profile and package.

Electives MBA Specialization
Electives MBA Specialization

Most Popular 4 Electives MBA Specialization India among the students

  1. Human resources
  2. Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. International Business and Operations

among the various other MBA Specialization Colleges India.

List of Specializations MBA offered by MBA / PGDM Specializations in Top B-School, Colleges , University in India are :

MBA specializations
MBA specializations
  1. Retail Management
  2. Health care & Hospitality Management
  3. Telecom Management
  4. Pharma Management
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Operational Management
  7. Information Technology
  8. Fire safety & Security management
  9. Travel & Tourism
  10. Event Management
  11. Network & Data Management
  12. Textile Management
  13. Actuarial Sciences
  14. Insurance & Risk Management
  15. Service Management
  16. Rural & Urban Management
  17. Communication & Media management
  18. Public system management
  19. Entrepreneurship
  20. Development Studies
  21. Consultancy Management
  22. Media management
  23. Sports management
  24. Fashion Management
  25. Systems management
  26. Construction Management
  27. Hotel Management
  28. Project management
  29. E-Business
  30. Non profit and Government
  31. Agribusiness
  32. Aviation
  33. Real Estate
  34. Hospitality & Tourism
  35. Criminal Justice
  36. Public Relations
  37. Oil & Gas Management
  38. Energy Trading
  39. Power Management
  40. Infrastructure Management
  41. Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  42. Port & Shipping Management
  43. Business Analytics
  44. Health care Management
  45. Organization Behaviour
  46. Communication Management

Students Option Electives MBA Specialization India as per their choice and market Demand. For Direct admission visit :- www.admission.mba/we/ or Call  9811004275 , 9540071958


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